Oblivion Interface Design

Whilst this work is quite old now I still find myself coming back to it for inspiration. Unlike most futuristic HUD/UI which attempts to communicate advanced technologies through ever increasing visual complexity, the UI in Oblivion choses to communicate the same concepts through a sense of refinment and reduction. Whilst for cinematic perposes the UI is still busy at times, it also has an understaded tone, helped by a muted palette and good choice of font. The overall result being one of the more convincing efforts to suggest the future aestetics of user interfaces, should we ever need to use screens at all.

Permission to Explode

Artwork for the latest Si Begg album created by Atyp

Our approach was to utilise animation techniques and repurpose these into a highly limited edition run of 100 sleeves, all numbered and signed for by Si. We love the idea of the classic, iconic portrait of the artist on a record sleeve and wanted to play with this from a visual point of view. Our portrait was generated using a dynamic script which generates a simulation of an explosion at random. We built a custom shader that colours polygons according to path lengths and wraps the head with random contours. We hit go and the rest was left to chance… which is exactly what you take when purchasing one, as all copies are sold online and sent out at random.


UsTwo Pixel Perfect Precision Guide

UsTwo have released the latest iteration of their Pixel Perfect Precision Guide. If you are involved in design for any type of device this is well worth your time checking out. And best of all, it’s free.

FormFiftyFive have an interview with Matt Gypps about PPP3 http://www.formfiftyfive.com/2014/02/pixel-perfect-precision-guide/

Plastic Bag Landscapes by Vilde Rolfson

Ongoing project, where I use light and colored background to make plastic bags look magical. Creating a landscape within the plastic bag. Plastic bags are a huge contributor to the landfill waste, and are extremely harmful for our oceans and the creatures living there. Do not say yes to a plastic bag when shopping. These plastic bags were found in the street.